quality thai yoga massage in London
   Experience the Massage like being plugged into cosmic  electricity, with thousand gentle waves washing over the body. Move your life force into happiness and gratitude, develop the feeling of being cared for and supported. Transform into a temple, moving the energy of light and grace from the heart to the wholeness.
   Thai Yoga Massage sessions take place in Covent Garden and St. John's Wood.
   Let there be love, power, harmony, goodness, freedom and eternal bliss! Raise your precious spiritual feelings and vibration to the joyful one.
    Invest in your future and become the professional of Thai Massage in London the traditonal way, as done in Thailand.
    This is a western, gentle approach, and avoiding the eastern view of "no pain, no gain" massage.

  Imagine yourself lying on a soft bed of flower petals. Feel a pair of great soft hands quitely smoothing your body and mind toward tranquility. Feel the bright pink light flowing through the body energizing the whole system, polishing all the tension away.
   Thai Yoga Massage is a unique kind of Bodywork combining Yoga stretches, Breathing exercises and Meditation, including Foot and Hand Reflexology with Acupressure, Head Massage and Reiki to align the Chakras.
       Thai Yoga Massage is like an energy shower.  It relaxes you to inner peace.  It is done on the futon mat on the floor, and client remains fully dressed with some light clothes on. Treatment is practiced with certain energy and vigor, and the touch
is soft and kind, firm and nurturing. You will feel full of energy, joy and confidence!
   The amount of pressure is tailored according to your needs.

1 hour: £ 40            90 minutes: £ 55                2 hours: £ 70


Thai Yoga Massage Benefits
  •   Relieves pain, strenghtens the internal organs, improves circulation,
    assists alignment and postural integrity of the body
  •    Have a better chance of being successful in whatever you do,
    better self-image resulting from a feeling of well-being
  •    Deep Relaxation: pressure on feet and legs is sedating and sometimes inducing hypnotic or altered states of consciousness.
    Increases energy, flexibility and range of motion
  •    Releases points of tension and stress in the body that block
    the natural flow of energy, inducing balance and harmony
  •    Promotes inner peace and a quiet mind. Feel loved and cared for,
    bringing a feeling of self-worth. Become stable, relaxed and confident.


   Client removes the rings, watch, bracelets, earrings and other objects that could interfere with massage and restrict movements. Person who is relaxed, open to growth and new experiences will benefit the most.
One who is more tense, rigid or fearful will benefit, but to a lesser degree. 

Client always feels free to give feedback on speed, rhytm and pressure so these can be adjusted accordingly.
Some will find that a single treatment can radically alter their perception of body and sense of self, while others will require longer time to achieve the same result.

Yoga & Massage


   Therarapist works with full awareness, mindfulness and concentration. This is Thai Yoga therapy or spiritual massage.

   Thai yoga massage is a sophisticated system of exchanging love with pressure, just as a hug can convey care, consideration and love with physical pressure. Thai yoga therapeutic embrace is conveyed with great detail and sophistication.


   The influence of Yoga on Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is apparent from the positions and stretching movements, which affect the entire body by increasing flexibility, releasing tension and helping the body’s natural energy to flow freely.

   The effect of passive stretches is similar to Yoga, and therefore is refered to as passive Yoga, or Lazy Yoga.


   Traditional Thai Yoga Massage body manipulation has an approach similar
to Rolfing, Alexander technique, Shiatsu, Chiropractic and Myofascial release.

    It is performed on a futon mat on the floor, and allows for the most effective use of the practitioner’s body weight for the transmission of pressure, force or energy, which creates a highly therapeutic effect.

   The work consists of:
  • pressure on energy lines and points
  • large variety of stretching movements
   2 hours is considered an ideal time for Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, although a good massage can be performed in 1½ hours, 1 hour, or focusing on specific problems such as back pain in ½ hour only.


   The energy lines in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage called Sen are similar to meridians of Chinese acupuncture. Meridians follow the energy flow associated with specific organs, and Sen follow the form of the body.

   Pressure is exerted on 10 energy lines and points with palms, thumbs, elbows and sometimes by feet.


    Principal Schools are at temple of Wat Pho in Bangkok and ITM at Chiang Mai. Wat Pho teaches southern style, which can be more invasive and vigorous, while ITM teaches a gentle northern style, which we follow.

   The amount of pressure and depth of touch is negotiable between the practitioner and client.



   Thai (Yoga) Massage is system of Yoga therapy and all aspects follow ancient Indian Ayurvedic and Yogic principles from at least 5000 years ago.


   Thai Yoga is comprehensive, sophisticated healing art derivative of Buddhist Philosophy, Medicine, Meditation, Classical Indian and Tibetan Ayurveda and Yoga Vedanta. Thai Yoga massage is a spiritually based technique and profession, a modality with standards established in the Buddhist holistic centers and temples thousands of years ago. It has an established code of ethics of non-violence and follows Buddha Dharma.
   Massage exemplifies the "Four Divine States of Mind", of Buddhist teaching: loving kindness, compassion, vicarious joy, and equanimity. They embody the spirit in which medical services were traditionally given, as opposed to the motivating forces of commercialism.

   For this reason, traditional Thai massage had a clear role to play in the activities of the Buddhist temples. It formed part of the social services for which the temples took responsibility.


  The origins of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage were given to the world
by an Indian physician who was a contemporary of Buddha.
   Sivago Komarpaj is considered to be the father of medicine.
   This knowledge was considered sacred and spiritual within Buddhist texts, and monks were the practitioners of this medicine at
local temples or Wats.

   Thai words Nuad bo Rarn are translated into English as Massage.
   Thai Yoga massage therapist in thai language literally means massage doctor.


    At the beginning and end of the session, series of prayers are recited:

   “We invite the spirit of Doctor Shivago, who comes to us through his saintly life.
   Please bring to us the knowledge of all nature, that this prayer will show us the true medicine of the Universe. In the name of this mantra, we respect your help and pray
that through our bodies you will bring wholeness and health to the body of our client.
   The Goddess of healing dwells in the heavens high, while mankind stays in the world below. In the name of the founder, may the heavens be reflected in the earth below us
so that this healing medicine may encircle the world.
   We pray for the one whom we touch, that he will be happy and that any illness will be released from him.”
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